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OCTOBER 17-24 2020

We invite you to join this life-changing women's training & retreat that will profoundly transform your personal and professional trajectory. The signature program offers a unique opportunity to dive into the most potent embodiment, conscious business and Womb Awakening® practices available to women today. During 8 days at our stunning resort, you will be guided to discover your womb wisdom, craft a blueprint for your heart-business project or career path and connect to your body's most profound sensual bliss.


Guided by a Womb Awakening® facilitator, Pelvic Anatomy of Movement® teacher and 7-figure female entrepreneur, this program will give you an unprecedented chance for deep and effective transformation to propel you into the next octave of your life.

The Womb is Calling You Home.

Are you ready to heed the call?

During this carefully curated training & retreat, you will be guided to discover tools and practices of female shamanism, dream project growing and embodied female anatomy

Shamanic Dream Journeys into the Womb

Yoni Anatomy Bliss Activation

Pelvic Anatomy for Deep Pleasure

Leading from the Heart-Womb Entrepreneurship Labs

Conscious Heart-Business Consulting

Wild Woman Awakening: The 4 Elements Journey

Womb Rose Yoga and Healing Water Dance

Anatomy Breath Flow Sessions

Voice Embodiment and Activation

Sound Healing and Medicine Song Circles

Womb Healing & Sensual Innocence Ritual

Cosmic Womb Ascent & Descent into the Underworld

Yoni Steam Ritual & Conscious Menstruation Practice

Meeting the Ancient Feminine Archetypes

Claiming your Feminine Lineage Gifts

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