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Womb Shamanism & Sacred Union -

Soulmate Manifestation Online Course


Join this powerful womb circle to activate your womb wisdom and call in your deepest heart-aligned relationship!
3-week immersive group journey + 1-week integration spiral

Hello beautiful one!

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My name is Sanya and I have an incredible practice to share with you. In all my time teaching Pelvic Healing and Shamanic Dream Time practices across the world, I observed an amazing phenomenon-

Women came out of workshops and suddenly felt a deep calling from a soulmate that they hadn't met in the physical, but knew existed, creating an immediate energetic heart bond that eventually led them to their beloved in the physical.

Other women met the love of their lives days and even hours after leaving the course.  Heart-aligned careers manifested for others, while many got to enjoy not just a new passionate relationship but also new calling in life and with it immense joy and abundance.


My own relationship with men changed radically, and I suddenly found myself surrounded by amazing men who recognized my value, all while seeing the women from my workshops come into the most nourishing soulmate relationships.

I'm excited to tell you more about these practices- scroll down to see my video <3



... you want to awaken your womb's creative power?

... you long for union, but your dating life has been flat for a long time?

... you want to learn how to specifically manifest a soulmate?

... you just know there is love for you somewhere, but it just can't seem to happen?

... you want to live a fuller life by balancing your inner masculine & feminine?

... it's so hard to connect deeply with a man who is truly at your level?

... you are too weird, tainted or not beautiful enough to find true love?

... your love life needs a big revival but you just don't know how to do it?

... your soul is yearning to be united with your highest love match in this life?



"I don't know what to say girl except there is some incredible magic in your work! Ever since I came to your first workshop, I felt such a deep dive into myself. Even with years of yoga and spiritual practice, I have never experienced this kind of change so quickly.

After the Soulmate course, this same magic followed me into daily life. I met the man who would become fiancé 3 weeks after the course on a trip to a nearby coast town.The connection was instant and I knew right away that he was the real deal. To this day I have to pinch myself because this relationship is even better than everything I put on my list during the course. Thank you so much lovely for this amazing stuff you put out. I'm so glad I crossed your path."


"I was one of these women who just felt so unlucky in love. It felt overlooked and like I just ended up getting the short end of the stick.

Doing the work with Sanya, some pretty amazing things happened where I FINALLY began to feel like myself for the first time in years. The embodiment work was like an anchor- My ability to feel pleasure finally returned after years of numbness and through the journeys I remember receiving direct messages and guidance about my soulmate.

Since the course I find myself surrounded by soooo many amazing men, it kinda feels like I'm living a new life. Like wow, where did they all come from? I am dating again and I can feel a beautiful soulmate coming in, like a 6th sense- I just know this is happening for me and for this I am so so grateful."


You were never meant to feel that love is out of reach for you. If there is a calling in your heart for a soulmate relationship, this means it can be yours.

Your desire for loving, nourishing, honest soulmate love is more than just a wish- it is the very reflection of the fact that we are meant to be in union with another.

In fact, the Womb Shamanism teachings are so different from other spiritual practices precisely because they show us that loving soulmate relationships not only make our heart blossom, but also have the power to heal us and the entire world around us.

As I created this course, I wanted to make sure you get not just a few recorded calls and generic advice, but fully immersive guidance and practices that have already worked for many women before you. Practices that combine bodywork and inner transformation to take you on a deepening journey of manifestation every single day.

With all of this, doing honest, deep and loving work is the catalyst that will call Sacred Union into your life. It's about moving beyond surface practices and into a true inner path that will open doors of magic that you could not even imagine before.

As we activate key structures of the body, especially our rib cage, our heart space & our pelvic floor, a true alchemy takes place, shifting our lived reality to make our inner radiance shine- and this is precisely what will call in the union.

As we combine anatomy-based embodiment practices with inner dream journeys to re-wire you for love, something very deep begins to unfold and you call in the love life that you truly deserve.



This immersion offers you some of the most transformational methods available to women today:

🌹Four in-depth & live group sessions with the facilitator

🌹Dream Time Shamanic Journeys to reset old relationship patterns

🌹Pelvic Embodiment & Bliss Anatomy to embody your manifestation power

🌹Anatomy Alchemy Heart-Space Opening

🌹Timeline Healing to re-write and release bad experiences

🌹Daily support and discussion from the lead facilitator in our private group

🌹Pelvic anatomy practice to help you embody and radiate sensuality

🌹Soulmate Union Body Prayers to activate your energetic body for love

🌹Past Love Reset Meditation to release old relations

🌹Golden Core Dreamweaving to connect to your love no matter where he is

🌹Womb Healing to release blockages and open to profound love

🌹Live Womb circles to receive support from women around the world

🌹Written material and practices to use with friends and clients in your own work

🌹Conscious Dating practices to actively invite your beloved to find you

🌹Learning to communicate with your soulmate through dreamtime before you meet




1st Gateway: Releasing the Past, Opening to Soulmate Alchemy

To make room for new love, it is vital to release past attachments by giving them their time to be seen and let go. Shamanic reset journeys invite us to heal past imprints and dissolve old experiences on a subconscious level. Pelvic Embodiment practices then take us into our pleasure center and allow us to feel lit up, activated and connected to our womb space where we learn to create a new relationship in the physical. Focus of the week: Releasing past love, Relationship Reset Dream Journeys, Pelvic Manifestation Embodiment.

2nd Gateway: Learning to Weave a New Love Life

During this week, we take a deep dive into our heart space and inner vision. Whatever vision you have of your most aligned soulmate relationship, that vision is there because you can get what you desire. This week is about dropping into your sensual body which allows your radiance to shine and draw in new love. Sacred Union Body Prayers will serve as a powerful practice to activate the energetic body for love, while pelvic bliss anatomy will show you how to manifest sensuality and love form your womb space.
Focus of the week: Sensual Activation Journey, Soulmate Union Body Prayer, Pelvic Anatomy Sensual Embodiment, Heart-Space Anatomy Alchemy

3rd Gateway: Living Wild Love- Calling Union into the Physical

During our last gateway, we work with advanced practices of shamanic Dreamtime to become the creators our life experience. You will be guided to communicate with your soulmate even before meeting in the physical and to re-write your relationship blueprint. Conscious dating practices will help you see the results of your inner work in the physical realm, getting you fully receptive for the new soulmate to come in. Focus of the week: Golden Core Dreamweaving, Soulmate Communion, Conscious Dating practices, Timeline Rewrite


1-week Integration Spiral: A week filled with live journeys, extra videos and online gathering to help you integrate, embody your masculine-feminine balance and shift your attractive field for long-term results.

What does a typical day look like?

In your own rhythm and time zone, you will move through:

  • Sacred Union Shamanic Journey (30-40 min)

  • Embodiment Practices for Soulmate Union (30 minutes) such as Soulmate Union Body Prayer, Pelvic Anatomy Sensual Embodiment, Heart-Space Anatomy Alchemy, Pelvic Manifestation Embodiment.

  • Daily support, discussion & sharing in our private group whenever you choose


  • 4 Live Womb Connection Sessions throughout the course 
    ~available for replay in case you can't attend~

  • Transmissions during the integration spiral- a whole set of live videos, transmissions and integration practices to help you fully step into your new love life and maintain this frequency after the course ends

Are you ready to call in your most radiant love relationship?


A new life awaits.

3-Week Journey + 1-Week Integration Spiral

New Course begins June 2021

Date TBA

Limited group size

Investment: $388 USD

Early Bird: $344 USD

Will you follow your heart into radiant love?


Discovering Practical Tools to Manifest Radiant Soulmate Relationships

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