Awakening Medicine Woman



The Womb is Calling You Home.

Are you ready to heed the call?

Awakening Medicine Woman is a full-body immersion into the most potent practices available to women today

Your heart-womb is beckoning you on this adventure to...


claim your most enchanted life and your deepest desires


expand your contribution and heart's purpose

own your sensual bliss and embody your inner beauty

meet the most intuitive, instinctual parts of yourself

feel your womb and your heart awaken

Join us for 8 days on the magical island of Bali, diving into alchemical ritual, shamanic journeys and anatomy practices in an enchanted circle of women. This immersion calls you into connection with your womb, your feminine crown: the place where new ideas, beings and realities are born,the 'holy of holies' of the ancient mystery school paths.

You will be skillfully supported to awaken this most sacred center in your body— unleashing your creative power to birth the life of your dreams and upgrading all areas of your experience. This immersion will gift you with a fully embodied, anatmically-based and alchemically infused toolkit that naturally unlocks your most radiant self.

An immersive retreat beaming with magic...

Together we will dive into

Shamanic Dream Journeys into the Womb

Yoni Anatomy Bliss Activation

Advanced Pelvic Anatomy for Deep Pleasure

Wild Woman Awakening: The 4 Elements Journey

Womb Rose Yoga and Healing Water Dance

Anatomy Breath Flow Sessions

Descent into the Underworld Ceremony

Voice Embodiment and Activation

Sound Healing & Medicine Song Circles

Womb Healing & Sensual Innocence Ritual

Yoni Steaming & Conscious Menstruation Practice

Meeting the Ancient Feminine Archetypes

Claiming your Feminine Lineage Gifts

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A typical day:

IMG_7212 (3).jpg

8.30am-9.30am: Body practices (rose womb yoga, anatomy breath flow, healing water dance)

9.30am: Nutritious Breakfast (Smoothie Bowls, Pastries + Juices)

10.30am-1pm: Medicine Woman Session

1pm- 4.30pm: Lunch and Integration Time

4.30 - 6pm: Pelvic Anatomy Journey or Ceremony

6pm: Dinner

7.30pm-9pm: Shamanic Womb Journey

Rise, Woman, Rise.

Your Womb Guards the Secrets

that Birth Nature into Being.

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Our Womb Nest

This adventure will take you to Ubud, the spiritual heart of the island. Our retreat space is built on grounds that many locals consider sacred, a place of magic and ancient ley lines— boasting an opulent jungle, a temple and a Bayan tree. This womb nest is beaming with deep feminine energy that effortlessly supports your journey.

Included in your stay are

- 7 nights / 8 days of accommodation in elegant double rooms (single rooms available upon request)

- 3 delicious vegan-vegetarian daily meals, raw sweets + smoothies

- A traditional 1-hour Balinese massage

- 24 hour reception and 4* service

- On-site spa availability

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About the Lead Facilitator

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Sanya is a transformation facilitator, wisdom keeper of the womb, anatomy teacher and creative entrepreneur. Throughout her work, she holds healing space that is generous, loving and profoundly shamanic. She crafts enchanted, art-infused offerings that naturally draw us into our magical inner world, unearthing hidden gems, clearing old patterns and revealing our true radiance. This work accompanies us into full-body connection with our physical self, our unique gifts and the unfolding of our heart's desires. On her path as a facilitator, she has witnessed that every woman has profoundly unique gifts and a healing balm to give to the world. Her offerings are crafted with care and reverence to guide women in retrieving these hidden gems.


Sanya's retreats reflect her own path as a dedicated student and practitioner of different schools and methodologies over the past decade, studying Sound Healing, Dream Time Shamanic Journeying, Anatomy, Womb Awakening, Yoga, Anatomical Breathwork and Art Practice. Her training stems from established lineages and institutions, including studies in Yoga at AyurYoga EcoAshram India, Pelvis-Perineum Anatomy, Breathing Kinetics and Spinal Anatomy through Anatomy of Movement®, Dream Shamanism in the lineage of Robert Moss, Restorative Yoga in the lineage of Judith Hanson Lasater and Sound Healing at YogaCampus London, to name a few.

As co-founder of the international research hub for the Anatomy of Movement® method created by Blandine Calais-Germain, she is profoundly passionate about empowering women with accurate insight into pelvic anatomy— grounding the magic generated during group sessions into the body's innate wisdom. She has shared her work across Europe and some of the most stunning wellbeing spaces in Bali.

To see what others are saying about Sanya's work, you can read more here.

Guest facilitators in water flow movement, meditation, Balinese Blessing ritual and more...

Can you feel your heart and womb stirring?

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Are you ready to awaken your heart-womb and call in your deepest desires?

To discover the great weaving of the feminine mystery schools

and to embody your pleasure and femininity like never before?

Then come flow with us on the adventure!

This work has been calling your name.


It's time to heed the call.

Do you feel a resounding YES?

Dates: 17—24 October 2020

Your Investment: $2350

Early Bird: $2100


$800 deposit to secure your spot

If you have joined previous Embodied Healing workshops, please reach out for a special gift.