Pelvic Blossoming Ritual

Come to lie down on a yoga mat or bed with your knees bent and feet hip-width on the floor.

Move your awareness to your vaginal canal. You can place a finger just at the opening and then feel the rest of the canal extending up into your pelvis.⁣⁣ See the canal as divided into 3 parts: the lower, the middle, and the upper part.⁣⁣

Anatomically, these correspond to the superficial pelvic floor, the deep pelvic floor, and the deepest layers of the perineum.

Continue breathing normally without holding the breath and send the instruction to your body to engage the lower part of the canal only (right around where your finger sits)

The first times, it is likely that you are engaging many other adjacent muscles. It is ok, just sending the instruction begins the process of sensitization.

Do this practice 6 times for the lower part of the vaginal canal.⁣⁣ Then move on to the middle part and then the upper part of the canal.⁣⁣

Once done with all three parts, continue breathing normally and then imagine engaging them one part after another in a fluid sequence: first, second and third part engaging, keeping this sensation for a few seconds and then relaxing.⁣⁣

As you do this, imagine energy being drawn all the way from your clitoris, to your g-spot and your cervix, and feel into this energy.⁣⁣

On the relaxation of all three parts, see this same energy moving down the yoni canal and blossoming at the bottom of the pelvis, imagining a radiant flower opening its petals into a luscious blossom.⁣ Repeat this as many times as you wish and notice what you feel.

Enjoy this ritual and let me know how it goes.

Much love,


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