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Pelvic Blossoming Bliss Practice

Create a comfortable space and come to lie down on a yoga mat or bed with your knees bent and feet hip-width on the floor. Select a location where you feel comfortable and safe to be yourself. Play sensual music in the background and light some candles or incense to help you relax. Here's the Pelvic Blossoming Bliss Practice:

  • Invite your body to release 3-5 sighs out through your mouth, and don't be afraid to make some noise and imagine with each sound the heaviness dropping from the body into the floor.

  • Then gently your awareness to your vaginal canal.⁣⁣ See your vaginal canal as divided into 3 parts: the lower, the middle, and the upper part.⁣⁣ Anatomically, these 3 parts correspond to the superficial pelvic floor and the deep pelvic floor, the most profound layer of the perineum.

  • Continue breathing normally without holding the breath, and send the instruction to your body to engage the lower part of the canal only.

  • Then relax this part fully and deeply.

  • Do this practice 3 times for that lower part of the vaginal canal.⁣⁣ Then do the same for just the middle part, and then the upper part of the canal, always taking time to relax at the end.

  • Once done, try this: imagine engaging all parts one after another in a fluid sequence of first, second and third part, and then relaxing fully and deeply.⁣⁣ Feel the softening on the relaxation.

Allow yourself to enjoy this practice and integrate for 5 minutes, ideally with music in the background. It is recommend to take notes after, as associations and feelings may arise.

If you feel called to dive deep into this work, take a look at our upcoming Integrative Pelvic Health® Facilitator Training which will be held online with women from all over the world, you can find out all about it here.

The Women's Integrative Pelvic Health method moves through 4 Portals:

🌺Portal 1: Awakening the Wise Bones

Bones give stability & structure to the body, and they are vital tissues that are often forgotten. During this week, you will discover how to feel and nourish the bony parts of the pelvis while connecting with your gnostic tree of life in dream journeys.

⁣⁣🌺Portal 2: Healing the Pelvic Sensations

This portal takes us into the first sensations of the Pelvic Muscles. We work with the most effective exercises to awaken pelvic sensitivity with the superficial muscles of the perineum. Dream journeys guide you into healing your first sensual experience. 

🌺Portal 3: Reclaiming the Sensual Self

Moving into the deeper layers of the perineum, we learn to feel our entire yoni with with its potent downward & upward moving motion, balancing profound contraction with deep relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles, learning how this supports full body health & pleasure. Shamanic womb time journeys lead us into our wild embodiment.

🌺Portal 4: The Womb Wisdom Lineage⁣

This spiral takes us into visceral integration of the work. We dive into the fascinating forgotten myo-fascial connection between our rib cage & pelvis, heart space & root, discovering advanced practices for profound bliss & radiant body health. You're guided to meet your feminine wisdom linage, learning to move between the worlds.

Learn more and how to apply by following this link:

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