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Here's your webinar!

The Medicine Woman Workshop

— How to Awaken Your Womb Wisdom & Embodiment


Get a pen and paper ready, enjoy and leave your comment below once you're done!

If possible, I strongly recommend that you move through the entire workshop to get the most out of it. Here are time marks for each section if you want to skip ahead or just need an overview: 


Pelvic Embodiment Exercise:

Lunar-Solar Ovary Journey:

Integration & Intention Setting:

0.00-5.30 min

5.30-17.40 min

17.40-29.50 min

29.50-35.00 min

Connect with the community- Leave your feedback!


Once you've done the workshop, leave a comment below about how it impacted you.


Extra bonus: If you drop your Instagram handle in your comment, I'll give you shoutout on my social media ❤️️

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