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Wild Woman Rising

The Pelvic Journey - Awakening Your Yoni Anatomy for Deep Embodiment & Pleasure

3-week online training immersion into female pelvic anatomy and sacred sensuality

Are you ready to discover your deepest sensual pleasure and embodiment?


Our pelvis is the sacred chalice that is waiting to be awakened- ensouled with our deepest sensations and nervous system connections that bring us fully into the body.


The yoni, womb

The path of the female mystery schools is making its way back into our collective awareness so that we can balance our spiritual systems with a profoundly feminine approach.


Your body and womb carry gifts of a unique lineage, teachings of of hidden masters that live in your ancestry and DNA

Whose names you may not know, but whose skills have been honed over centuries and lie at your fingertips if you dare take the journey into the deepest parts of yourself.

The Pelvic Journey Leads Us

to 3 Gateways:


1st Gateway:  Returning to the Root of Life- Essential Embodiment

We all have roots. The pelvis is the place where we are born and the place where connect with the earth. To fully embody our pleasure, it is vital to feel ourselves as the extension of the natural sensuality of nature, and the immense joy she carries through us. Plugging into this web is life-giving and connects us with our sensuality as a divinely gifted birthright. Focus of the week: Essential Pelvic Embodiment, Anatomy-Based Vocal Activation, Finding your yes and no.

2nd Gateway: Deeper into Pleasure- Advanced Pelvic Anatomy

Our knowing of our own body has been severed through a society that is profoundly disembodied, and learning fully inhabit our pleasure rests on discovering accurate anatomy. This creates a    Focus of the week: Elemental Grounding Rituals, Crafting Your Wound Mandala, Casting a Protective Shield

3rd Gateway: Wild Pelvis, Wild Soul- The Sensual Alchemy of the Womb Space

Coming to cherish and enjoy the sensuality of our body is a key in awakening our medicine woman gifts. Through anatomically guided pelvis & yoni exercises and dream journeys into your sensual nature, you will get in touch with this most potent tool that grounds all your gifts in the joy of the body. Focus of the week: Pelvic Anatomy Activation, Yoni Bliss Exercises, Herbal Womb Healing & Yoni Steaming, Yoni Egg Class


As we conclude our training, you will be led to meet your Womb Wisdom Lineage in a feminine dimension of consciousness called dream time- a place where you naturally channel and receive information from otherworld. You will be expertly guided into your personal rituals to share your talents as a Medicine Woman. Focus of the week: Wild Career & Heart Business Blueprint, Living Your Talents, Owning Your Ancestral Gifts

This course offers some of most transformational tools available to women today:


  • 3 full-immersive live sessions with the facilitator to integrate and deepen

  • Daily Shamanic Journeys designed to awaken your Sensual Nature

  • Anatomy of Movement® for Pelvic Health and advanced Pelvic Pleasure

  • Foundational & Advanced Yoni Egg tutorials based on anatomy research

  • Discovering and Dissolving the 3 major pleasure blocks

  • Deep dive into the superficial, middle and deep layers of the pelvic floor

  • The Gateways and Archetypes of the yoni & womb space

  • Healing Womb Self-Massage based on anatomy study

  • Pelvic Pulse Breathflow® for profound pleasure awakening

  • Womb Healing Techniques

  • Online Womb Circles (live events)

  • Inner Learning to manifest from your womb

  • Erotic Innocence rituals & healing past relationship imprints

You will be able to access the daily content in your own time and share your insights in our Online Group when you are ready. If you cannot attend the  live events, recordings will be made available afterwards.


You will leave this training immersion with:

🔻Enhanced ability to feel pleasure through your yoni based on your unique anatomy

🔻A Set of Pelvic Pleasure exercises based the world-renowned Anatomy of Movement® method

🔻An anatomy manual with information, exercises and ideas to use for yourself or with clients

🔻Protocols for Womb Imprint Healing Journeys to use for yourself and others

🔻Stronger connection to the shamanic womb wisdom teaching

🔻Practical, tried-and-tested tools feel the 3 layers of your pelvic floor

🔻Initiation into the forgotten connection between pleasure embodiment and female shamanism

🔻Practices to manifest your deepest heart's desires through the pelvic energy

🔻Exercises to activate your body natural ability to draw in the right love relationship

Upon completion, you will receive a foundational certificate from the School of Embodied Healing Arts.

This will qualify you to embark on further studies with the school and with an international network

of shamanic practitioners.

What does a typical day look like?

In your own home and time zone, you will move through:

 🌹 Womb Awakening Shamanic Journey (30-40 min)

🌹  Pelvic Anatomy Awakening practice (30 minutes)

🌹  Daily support, discussion & sharing in our private group

whenever you choose 


🌹  3 Live Womb Connection Sessions throghout the course
(available for replay in case you can't attend)

"What can I say- this was just so far beyond anything I expected. I wasn't able to feel myself for years, and the pelvic pulse breathflow turned it around  after just 3 days of practice. Thank you for this work Sanya, I did not even know this depth of sensation was possible. "

- Kathrun H., Germany

"Throughout this course, the love making with my husband completely changed- at one point we literally saw ourselves going out of space by entering the gateways of the womb. Orgasmic does not begin to describe it. This was an experience of enlightenment we have been able to reconnect with since. I am eternally grateful to have found this work."

- Cassie M., United States

"I went through many physical therapies over the years and I could never make contact with my womb and the pleasure sensations of my yoni. After a one-hour session with Sanya it actually happened."

- Amber D., UK

Do You Feel Your Deepest Pleasure Ready to Awaken?

Begins October 20th 2020

3-week immersion

Limited group size

Investment: $444 USD

early bird till October 7th: $388 USD

In case of  questions, please contact Sanya at

Screen Shot 2020-08-14 at 6.08.51 PM.png

Your inner Wild Woman is calling your name to enter your deepest pleasure.

Will You Heed the Call?

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