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Wild Woman Rising

Medicine Woman Training- The Gateways

4-week online training immersion in female shamanism

Are you ready to discover your inner Wild Woman, to step into your Womb Wisdom and to awaken your Female Medicine Shaman?


Shamanism has long been considered a male dominated field, but what is often forgotten is that the first shamans were women, and that our monthly cycles were the original shamanic journey.


Now more than ever, we are called to stand in our most rooted strength and help build a new paradigm in our evolution as humans. The return of the Divine Feminine and our embodiment of our womb wisdom is the key to this evolution.

The path of the female mystery schools is making its way back into our collective awareness so that we can balance our spiritual systems with a profoundly feminine approach- one that is rooted in the body, in our connection to nature and our wildest intuitions and instincts.


Your body and womb carry gifts of a unique lineage, teachings of of hidden masters that live in your ancestry and DNA

Whose names you may not know, but whose skills have been honed over centuries and lie at your fingertips if you dare take the journey into the deepest parts of yourself.

The Medicine Woman Training Leads us

to 4 Gateways:


1st Gateway : Heeding the Call of the Wild

Each woman has a wild nature, a reservoir of resources that lie dormant and are waiting to awaken. Through shamanic meditations, you will journey with the female archetypes and connect to your womb and pelvis anatomy so you can learn to speak your truth and stand in your unique womb power. Focus of the week: Essential Pelvic Embodiment, Anatomy-Based Vocal Activation, Finding your yes and no.

2nd Gateway: The Alchemical Feminine Shadow

We often experience an inner shadow that predates on our deepest desires and keeps us in fear of our own strength and potential. To let our gifts shine, it is essential that we learn to transmute this shadow through inner listening and earth-based practices. This week is a deep-dive into your hidden treasure chest of talents and grounding female shamanic ritual. Focus of the week: Elemental Grounding Rituals, Crafting Your Wound Mandala, Casting a Protective Shield

3rd Gateway: Wild Flesh, Wild Senses

Coming to cherish and enjoy the sensuality of our body is a key in awakening our medicine woman gifts. Through anatomically guided pelvis & yoni exercises and dream journeys into your sensual nature, you will get in touch with this most potent tool that grounds all your gifts in the joy of the body. Focus of the week: Pelvic Anatomy Activation, Yoni Bliss Exercises, Herbal Womb Healing & Yoni Steaming

4th Gateway: Reclaiming Your Womb Wisdom Lineage

As we conclude our training, you will be led to meet your Womb Wisdom Lineage in a feminine dimension of consciousness called dream time- a place where you naturally channel and receive information from otherworld. You will be expertly guided into your personal rituals to share your talents as a Medicine Woman. Focus of the week: Wild Career & Heart Business Blueprint, Living Your Talents, Owning Your Ancestral Gifts

This course will draw on some of the most transformational methods available to women today:


  • Daily Dream Time Shamanic Journeys (recorded & accessible in your own time)

  • Rewilding and Elemental Rituals for Woman

  • Yoni Bliss Activation to enhance pleasure

  • Sharing Circle (online group for duration of training)

  • Anatomy Flow & Breathwork

  • Womb Shamanism & Womb Awakening Teachings

  • Online Womb Healing Circles (live events)

  • Inner Listening Practices

  • Herbal Yoni Steaming to heal womb imprints

  • Embodied Restorative Movement

  • Anatomy of Movement® for Pelvic Sensuality

You will be able to access the daily content in your own time and share your insights in our Sharing Circle when you are ready. If you cannot attend the  live events, recordings will be made available afterwards.


You will leave this training immersion with:

🔻Enhanced intuitive guidance and knowledge of your wisdom gifts

🔻Stronger connection to your talents and a blueprint to begin living them fully

🔻Practical, tried-and-tested tools to step into the next octave of your personal & professional life

🔻A Set of Pelvic Embodiment practices based the world-renowned Anatomy of Movement® method

🔻Enhanced ability to feel pleasure through your yoni based on your unique anatomy

🔻Initiation into forgotten Womb Shamanism Practices that have existed across the world

🔻A handbook with information, exercises and ideas to use for yourself or with clients

🔻A foundation to create personalized shamanic sessions to support people in need at this crucial time

🔻Rootedness in your ancestral and spiritual lineages to call in safety, protection & guidance to weather all storms

Upon completion, you will receive a foundational certificate from the School of Embodied Healing Arts.

This will qualify you to embark on further studies with the school and with an international network

of shamanic practitioners.

To find out more about your lead facilitator, click here.

Group journey begins May 1st 2020

4-week training immersion

Limited group size

Investment: $222 USD

early bird (till April 23): $188 USD


Do You Feel the Medicine Woman

Rising Inside of you?

Wild Medicine Woman is laying rose petals at your feet.

Will You Heed  the Call?

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