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Claim your Sacred Somatic Wisdom: Awaken your Pelvis & its connection to your wild voice!

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Hi, my name is Sanya, 

and I am here to support you on your journey into deep connection with your pelvis, womb, and voice. So much of our power lies hidden in our sacred body, but we often have to equip ourselves with the right knowledge and release old patterns to fully own our body's wisdom & beauty.  I am here to help you do precisely that! 


This free offering is for you if you want to:

  • Reclaim your feminine body wisdom

  • Learn about the anatomy of your pelvis
  • Awaken your womb and your pelvic pleasure 

  • Own your deep womb voice & vocal expression

  • Experience feminine somatic practice

In the Pelvic Awakening Handbook & Video, you will learn:

  • What the 3 key centers of feminine expression are

  • Simple exercises to unblock and heal all of them

  • A potent practice to reclaim your pelvic bliss & rooting

  • Why deep feminine practice takes us beyond "energetic" language and into knowing our sacred anatomy 

  • How your breath can impact your pelvic health

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Uterus & Yoni
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Your pelvis and voice are yearning to be awakened.

Will you step into embodiment?


Enter your email below to and get instant access to a free Pelvic Awakening Handbook + Guided Video Practice

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