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Medicine Woman
Online Course

Immerse in Somatic Womb Healing®, connect with your cycle and discover the essence of the feminine wisdom teachings

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Are you ready to discover your inner Wild Woman, to step into your Womb Wisdom and to awaken your Inner Medicine Woman? 

Shamanism has long been considered a male dominated field, but what is often forgotten is that the first shamans were women, and that our monthly cycles were the original shamanic journey. 

It is time to reclaim the medicine of our wombs.

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Your intuitive feminine wisdom is knocking on your inner doors.

Your body has sacred messages to guide you onto your most radiant path.

Will you step into the blossoming of your inner Medicine Woman?


4-Week Immersion into Somatic Embodied Womb Wisdom 


Hi, my name is Sanya and I am the founder of the School of Embodied Healing Arts and the creator of Integrative Pelvic Health® and Integrative Breathflow®, two internationally modalities. I have shared these teachings with women from all over the world, and I have created the Medicine Woman Course as a way for you to dip your toes into the magic of women's work. 

I trained as a Transdisciplinary Holistic Education Specialist and hold a Masters (MFA) in Creative Arts, allowing me to bridge a pedagogical expertise with imaginative elements. As a co-founder of an international hub for an anatomy school, I specialise in grounding feminine work in a somatic experience rooted in embodied anatomy. 

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Week 1: Heeding the Call of the Wild

Each woman has a wild nature, a reservoir of resources that lie dormant and are waiting to awaken. Through womb-led meditations, you will journey with the female archetypes and connect to your pelvis so you can learn to speak your truth and stand in your unique womb power. Focus of the week: Essential Pelvic Embodiment, Anatomy-Based Vocal Activation, Finding your yes and no, Embracing Wild Woman.

Week 2: The Fruitful Feminine Shadow

We often experience an inner shadow that predates on our deepest desires and keeps us in fear of our own strength and potential. To let our gifts shine, it is essential that we learn to transmute this shadow through acceptance and inner listening. This week is a deep-dive into your hidden treasure chest of talents and grounding work. Focus of the week: Elemental Reconnecting Practice, Crafting Your Shadow Mandala.

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Week 3: Wild Body, Wild Senses

Coming to cherish and enjoy the sensuality of our body is a key in awakening our medicine woman gifts. Through anatomically guided pelvis & yoni exercises and dream journeys into your sensual nature, you will get in touch with this most potent tool that grounds all your gifts in the joy of the body. Focus of the week: Herbal Womb Healing & Yoni Steaming.

Week 4: Conscious Menstruation &  Reclaiming your Wisdom Lineage

As we conclude our immersion, you will be led into connection with the power of your cycle and the gifts it carries. You will learn how to live according to the ebb and flow of your cyclical nature while discovering how to reconnect with your own wisdom linage of womb keepers. Focus of the week: Menstural cycle and cyclical living, trusting your gifts, hearing the womb speak.

The 4 Pillars of Medicine Woman Integration:
Wild Woman, Feminine Shadow, Sensual Reclamation & Conscious Menstruation

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Immersion Highlights:

  • 4 immersive recorded journeys created for you to receive guidance

  • Anatomy of Movement® for Pelvic Sensuality and Female Health

  • Daily Dream Time Shamanic Journeys (recorded & accessed in your own time

  • Introduction to Yoni Eggs based on anatomy research and key insights

  • Rewilding and Elemental Rituals for Woman

  • Yoni Bliss Activation to enhance pleasure

  • Anatomy Flow & Breathwork

  • Womb Shamanism & Womb Awakening Teachings

  • Inner Listening Practices

  • Herbal Yoni Steaming to heal womb imprints

  • Embodied Restorative Movement

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Discover am immersive womb wisdom course that blends the practical with the enchanted.

Hear what other women have to say


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Experience Somatic Womb Healing in a professionally crafted self-paced course.

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