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Pelvic Journey Workshop—

Awakening Your Yoni and Womb into Bliss

The pelvis in women has been seen a most sacred area in the body where important physical structures converge with energetic aspects and spiritual powers. In Womb Shamanism and Awakening, it is known as the Pelvic Chalice that holds the womb and yoni- a center of creation that births new ideas, visions, beings and realities into existence.

During this one-of-a-kind, enchanted workshop to discover how to access, manifest from and journey into your most sacred center- your pelvic cradle. This magical knowledge will be grounded with practical anatomy insight to empower you into a new level of self-care and bodily bliss. We will discover the physical structure of the pelvis using drawings, movement and anatomical models from the Anatomy of Movement® method while staying deeply connected to a feminine dimension of consciousness called dream time- a space where we intuitively receive messages, downloads and knowing.

Womb Wisdom & Entrepreneurship— Birthing Your Dream Business

If you have ever wondered how to launch a conscious business that is aligned with your spiritual path, this workshop is for you. During this unique workshop for women, we will discover approaches from dream time along with strategic tools to take concrete steps in launching the business of our dreams- quite literally retrieving information from our intuition to create the project we always wanted to birth.

Whether you are at the very beginning of a new idea or well into your process, this workshop will leave you with a blueprint to create a life that is aligned with your heart's purpose.The key is to merge the rational approach with a grounded intuitive vision of where our business can go- allowing the sky to be the limit to our visions. Guided by a serial entrepreneur and a womb shamanism facilitator, this workshop will give you concrete tools to start crafting your dream business from the heart-womb.

Womb Shamanism & Sacred Union-

Calling in Your Soulmate

Often on the spiritual path, we hear that we are supposed to find all the experiences and nourishment we seek within ourselves. While this is true in many ways, the path of Womb Shamanism & Womb Awakening acknowledges and celebrates that our heart's longings for relationship are among the most spiritual expressions of our being. Interconnection is at the heart of the feminine mystery schools that are now making their way back into our consciousness. It acknowledges that when there is a profound heart's desire in us, we are called to let this primordial expression of Shakti come alive and manifest.

This immersive workshop is a unique opportunity to realize what has been keeping you from love, and create a direct cord of light that puts you and your beloved into communication so you can find each other. We allow ourselves to fall into full loving trust and connect with someone who we may not have met in the physical yet and who is our highest and most positive match in this life.

Womb Sovereignty

Reclaiming Your Power & Divine Feminine

During this deep-dive immersive workshop, we will discover practices that awaken our connection to the womb space and clear energetic cords that we may not even be aware of. In many ancient cultures, the womb was considered the holy of holies- a direct stargate into the creative power of the universe, living right inside our bodies. These feminine mystery schools are now once more making their way back into our awareness, and offer us a way to truly awaken to this immense portal living inside of us, allowing us to birth new beginnings, creativity, love and abundance in our lives.

This workshop allows us to step into a new level of personal strength, vision and empowerment as we announce ourselves as sovereign over our energetic and physical womb space, bringing our body into integrity and healing.

Wild Woman Rising-

Elemental Womb Awakening Immersion

This workshop immersion is a primal call for you to plug back into your intuition, instinct, creativity, your ability to birth new realities and your power of healing and channeling.

We are used to thinking of our wombs merely as part of our physical bodies, but throughout time and different cultures, the womb has been thought of as a holy chalice, sacred with healing powers of renewal, a magical cauldron, and a portal of Divine Feminine Consciousness. This place in our body has been seen as "the meeting point of heaven and earth"- A stargate where life begins on earth traveling from the spirit realm into the physical plane. The first shamans were women, and even to this day, the oldest shaman skeleton ever to be found was a skeleton of a women accompanied by her ritual ornaments, discovered in modern-day Czech Republic.
Within the womb, we have 4 portals that correspond to the 4 gates. Awakening them upgrades all areas of our lives and helps us live our contribution. This catapults us into awakening our own unique shamanic gifts and sharing them with the world.

 Menstruation Magic-

Awakening Your Inner Shamanic Codes

Our womb blood is a visceral symbol of renewal and a divine blessing that is calling us to remember that which has been forgotten. Menstrual blood is literally life giving: it is flowed with the codes of creation that hold gateways to primordial mysteries. It was called soma in the tantric tradition, and was considered in many other traditions to be the core creative source of human life- the sacred lifeblood of our species and a portal to other dimensions.

During this workshop, we plunge into the magic held within our wombs. We dream-journey with the female shamans and lineages who are calling to initiate us into this sacred knowledge. Women across the world are awakening- the divine feminine is rising and with it our deep core connection to Gaia. Through art exploration & dream time traveling, we access a world of magical doorways that stand to transform all areas of our lives.

Dream Time Ceremony-

A Shamanic Journey of Movement & Sound

Join us for a powerful immersive workshop that will initiate you into one of the oldest shamanic traditions- offering a direct portal to cosmic guidance and inspiration.

For centuries Toltecs, Tantrics, Sufis, Gnostic Christians, nature shamans, Aborigines, Tibetan Buddhists, and many other traditions all over the world have practiced active dreaming.

Using the power of sound and (day)dreams, this session provides direct access to our deepest intuition and ancestral wisdom, using potent protocols of active dreaming that are transpersonal and rich with synchronicity. You are invited to join a lineage and tradition that allows the dreamers to access a wealth of information and become the protagonist of their very own adventure. Ask your question to the Dream Tarot and let the shamanic sounds lead you into dreamtime to find the answer.


In-Person Training

 Medicine Woman Facilitator Training 

in Ubud, Bali, May 2021

An immersion into Embodied Pelvic Anatomy, Womb Shamanism and Heart-Centered Feminine Leadership


Integrative Breathflow® Facilitator Training

A journey into embodied breath anatomy, somatic pleasure & dream shamanism

 2021 in Ubud, Bali

A method born out of 40+ years of Anatomy research and the dream journey tradition
Details to be announced in fall 2020

to register your interest, please reach out here

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