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nervous system balancing & fascia repatterning training


The School of Embodied Healing Arts

The School of Embodied Healing Arts is the original school bridging in-depth female anatomy study with dreamtime work & feminine shamanic practice. ​ 


We invite you to immerse in your own body's inner dimensions and learn to weave your life from within. Our school offer retreats, online courses and facilitator training in Integrative Pelvic Health® and Integrative Breathflow®. 

Home of the original Integrative Pelvic Health® & Integrative Breathflow® Methods

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She trained as a Transdisciplinary Holistic Education Specialist and holds a Masters (MFA) in Creative Arts, lending a pedagogical expertise and imaginative depth to her offerings. As co-founder of an international hub for an anatomy school, she specialises in grounding feminine work in a somatic experience rooted in embodied anatomy.  Sanya is the creator of Holistic Somatic Healing® and Integrative Pelvic Health®, two globally accredited modalities with practitioners in 20 countries.
Sanya is a Dream Journey Guide, Anatomy Professional and lead facilitator of Feminine Somatic Practice. Building on a rooted repertoire of professional backgrounds, Sanya leads with a grounded, open-hearted quality that invites your natural radiance to shine. Her work reflects her comprehensive experience as teacher & student of body-soul practices, Active Dream Journeying, Somatic Dreamtime®, Perineum and Movement®, Breathing Kinetics, Womb Awakening and Vocal Freedom Practice®.


Meet Our Founder:

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Upcoming Facilitator Training Courses


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Integrative Pelvic Health®
Facilitator Training

Integrative Breathflow® & Voice Rewilding Training

Nervous System Balancing & Fascia Repatterning Training

A 4-week deep dive into the anatomical, energetic and archetypal aspects of the pelvic bowl, this training is designed to give you an unparalleled experience of complete pelvic health.

Jan 2024

Integrative Breathflow® is a whole-body healing method that uses breath to liberate the heart area, voice expression and pelvic sensations. It combines a wide range of anatomical breathing exercises.

Summer 2024

Join us for 8 days on the island of Bali, diving into alchemical ritual, practical heart business labs, female anatomy & womb wisdom practices in an enchanted circle of women. Immerse yourself in the medicine of community.

April / May 2024

Double-certified and internationally accredited— 

Our modalities are registered as original proprietary methods. All professional training courses are recognized by the world's leading certifying bodies for holistic practices:


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