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Embodied Healing is a path of healing through the body that leads us to the magical portal within, discovering our own inner guidance, power and blissful joy so we can live truly enchanted lives.

It is a path of re-membering the marvelous anatomy of our body, and along with it forgotten secrets of the feminine dreamtime mysteries, profoundly awakening our intuitive knowing, activating hidden ancestral gifts and unleashing our power to create the life of our dreams.

About Sanya

Sanya is a transformation facilitator, anatomy teacher, womb awakening facilitator and creative serial entrepreneur. Throughout her work, she holds healing space that is generous and loving. She crafts enchanted, anatomy-based and art-infused offerings that naturally draw us into our magical inner world, unearthing hidden gems, clearing old patterns and revealing our true radiance. This work accompanies us into full-body connection with our physical self, our unique gifts & the unfolding of our heart's desires.

Her sessions and retreats reflect her own path  as a dedicated student and practitioner of transformation practices over the years, studying Sound Healing, Dream Time Journeying, Embodied Anatomy, Womb Awakening, Yoga, Natural Breathflow practice as well as Creative Entreprenurship.

Sanya's training stems from different established lineages and schools and includes studies in Yoga at AyurYoga EcoAshram India, Pelvic & Perineum Anatomy, Breathing Kinetics and Spinal Anatomy through Anatomy of Movement®, Dream Time in the lineage of Robert Moss, Restorative Yoga in the lineage of Judith Hanson Lasater, Sound Healing at YogaCampus London, an MFA in Creative Arts and an MSc in Business Entrepreneurship. She is co-founder of the European research hub for the international Anatomy of Movement® school created by Blandine Calais-Germain, and she serves as Head of Strategy for BecomeBecome, a non-profit working to blend spiritual practice, bodywork and contemporary art practice.


Embodied Healing is...

... Learning to fully access intuition and inner visions

... Igniting your sensual energy as a divine expression

... Discovering ancestral dream time or 'otherworld'

... Plugging into ancient mysteries and the living ancestral library

... Dropping into deep healing states by fully inhabiting your body

... Awakening your womb and your feminine crown

... Discovering the feminine mystery lineages

... Awakening your hidden shamanic abilities and healing gifts

... Aligning radically with your own inner compass

... Accessing your most potent manifestation power

... Birthing your dream project and heart's purpose

... Creating the blossoming life of your dreams

... Coming face-to-face with your inner radiance

Upcoming Courses

Wild Woman Rising- Medicine Woman Online Training Immersion

A 4-week guided online immersion into the foundations of pelvic bliss anatomy, dreamtime shamanic journeys and womb wisdom practices.

Medicine Woman Facilitator Training- Bali 2021


Join us for 8 days on the island of Bali, diving into alchemical ritual, practical heart business labs, female anatomy & womb wisdom practices in an enchanted circle of women.