Awaken your Embodied Wisdom

The School of Embodied Healing Arts is a space for you to discover profound Medicine Woman practices, Feminine Embodiment & Womb Wisdom teachings. Drawing on a unique blend of Somatic Practices, Bodywork and Feminine Dream Shamanism,

we invite you to immerse in enchanted inner dimensions and weave your life from within.

We offer retreats, online courses and facilitator training in Medicine Woman Arts® and Holistic Somatic Healing®.

Meet Our Founder:

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Sanya is a Dream Journey Guide, Bodywork Professional, Wisdom Keeper of the Womb and leading facilitator of Feminine Embodiment. Building on a unique repertoire of professional backgrounds, Sanya leads with a grounded, open-hearted quality that invites your natural radiance to shine and touch every aspect of your life. Her courses and retreats reflect her long-standing experience as a practitioner of transformation practices, including Sound Healing, Dream Journeying, Anatomy of Movement®, Womb Awakening, Perineum & Movement® for Women, Womb Bliss Breathing and Women's Pelvic Health.


She is trained as a Transdisciplinary Holistic Education Specialist and holds a Masters degree in Creative Arts, lending a pedagogical expertise and imaginative depth to her offerings. As co-founder of the European hub for the Anatomy of Movement® method, she is dedicated to grounding the magic of this work in a somatic experience that is profoundly healing and calls forth a lived embodiment of our radiance.

Upcoming Courses

Wild Woman

Rising- Online Immersion

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Wild Woman Rising- 4 Week Online Immersion

A 4-week online immersion into the foundations of pelvic bliss anatomy, dreamtime shamanic journeys and womb wisdom practices. Guided in a supportive group container.

Fall 2021


$366 USD

Feminine Pelvic

Embodiment: 100hr Training

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Integrative Pelvic Health-

Professional Facilitator Training

This Pelvic Anatomy & Feminine Embodiment Training blends cutting-edge women's pelvic work with shamanic womb journeying. It is based on 40+ years of bodywork & shamanism research.

Begins June 20, 2021


$1480 USD

Bali Training in

Medicine Woman Arts® 


Bali Retreat- In Person Training

in Medicine Woman Arts®

Join us for 8 days on the island of Bali, diving into alchemical ritual, practical heart business labs, female anatomy & womb wisdom practices in an enchanted circle of women.

November 2021


$1988 USD

Listen to the Podcast:

An Introduction to Pelvic & Womb Work with Sanya

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