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The Embodied Creator Woman


One-to-one sessions in Somatic Entrepreneurship,

Feminine Voice Activation and Conscious Conception & Manifesting

Individual offerings to root you into your practical and embodied creatrix power. Enjoy mentorship with an experienced somatic entrepreneur, international artist and embodiment teacher.


Somatic Entrepreneur® Mentorship


Are you ready to finally step into your calling and start sharing your gifts through heart-aligned work and an embodied business approach?

So many women are filled with radiant ideas, but find it challenging to know where to begin, how to trust themselves and how to confidently bridge magical work with deeply rooted practical elements of business.

Under the guidance of our founder, you are invited to enter a profoundly catalyzing container led by a 7-figure serial entrepreneur who has founded two successful businesses with a strong dose of enchantment and a clear rooting in practical business knowledge.

Unlike other programs, you can join with a business idea from any field, including but not limited to healing businesses, coaching, creation of products, artistic work and other directions that are calling your name.

Learn tailor-made somatic practices and dreamtime techniques to awaken your business creativity, craft a business plan based on the world's leading MBA programs and bridge your inner magic with practical insight to catapult your contribution into the next level.

Feminine Voice Activation

& Womb Voice Awakening

Have you always felt that you want to share your voice, but perhaps you don't have the confidence or knowledge to let your vocal expression shine?

This calling is your inner self yearning to reclaim your voice. Often times, those who most doubt their vocal expressions are the ones who have the most to share- with a dormant talent waiting to be awakened.


This mentorship provides you with anatomy-based breath & voice practices, vocal freedom techniques used by professional singers and an introduction to rhythm as the ancestral beat that will allow you to create your own melodies.  Let yourself be guided by our founder and her experience of professionally recording and sharing medicine songs.

You'll be led through techniques help you your own authentic voice outside of ideas of "right and wrong", while at the same time receiving solid vocal technique based on professional practice.


Whether you're a newbie, kirtan circle leader or women's healing facilitator, this mentorship will guide you through skillful method and enchanted feminine practice that honors the role of the pelvic bowl in vocal freedom.

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Manifesting & Conscious Conception

So often we hear about our wombs being a potent center of creation, but how often we actually learn to practically manifest our heart's desires from this awareness?

During Manifesting & Conscious Conception sessions, you will be guided through concrete steps to create your life from the womb- whether this includes birthing a new love life, manifesting conception & birth, or calling in more abundance.


Tapping into special somatic manifestation practices combined with potent law of assumption protocols, you will receive your unique creation blueprint to manifest your heart's desires the feminine way. Together we will work on ease-fully removing limiting beliefs and tapping into the physical body as our most direct way into our subconscious.


If you are yearning to break beyond old patterns to create the life you have always wanting to manifest, then this is for you.

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