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Wild Voice, Wild Breath

The original

Women's Integrative Breathflow® Training

4 week guided online training in Integrative Breathflow, Voice Rewilding & Embodiment

100 hr Module for the full Holistic Somatic Healing Facilitator Certificate®

Reclaim the feminine power of breath. Gain anatomy-based skills to guide women in liberating the three key centers of heart, voice & pelvis using body-informed breath. 

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Are you ready to be part of a new wave of feminine breath practice and somatic healing, to fully reclaim your own expression from within? 

The Women's Integrative Breathflow® Training is an internationally accredited program to reclaiming the breath and its relation to pelvic bliss and voice. It rests on 40+ years of anatomy research, woven together with embodied dream journeys accessed through feminine breath.


Moving beyond the more common masculine, circular or fast-paced breathing techniques that often take us up and out of our bodies, this method invites us completely into the body— bringing back a lost sensory awareness that carefully nourishes our whole-body systems and awakens the 3 feminine centers of heart, voice and pelvis.


As you discover the power of breathing practices that are body-informed and deeply grounding, you awaken a felt knowledge of the potent fascia interplay between your rib cage, voice and pelvis- and an embodied expertise to guide others into the same bliss experience.


Building on a repertoire of 40+ years of anatomy research, this somatic method empowers you to support women in freeing their expression through anatomically aware breath. It's a call for women to become guiding lights and leaders in a new wave of rooted feminine breath practice, wild voice expression and somatic healing

The training covers:

  • Conscious & Unconscious Breathing: The Breath as a Bridge

  • Breathflow® Practices for Bliss and Pleasure

  • Pelvic Floor Fundamentals & The Play with Pressure

  • Breath Patterns & their Relation to Female Shamanic Archetypes

  • Guiding Women to Free the Pelvis, Heart Area & Hidden Voice

  • Leading Dream Journeys into the Body to retrieve Inner Wisdom

  • The Physical + Emotional Interplay of Breath, Pelvic Bliss & Voice Liberation

  • Breath that Starts at the Perineum & Womb Space

  • Slow Pattern Breathing to Balance the Nervous System


This training leads you through 4 Spirals:

Anatomy Focus: The Respiratory Gesture, Inhaler and Exhaler Muscles, Active and Passive Forces at Play, Voluntary / Involuntary Breathing, Conscious and Unconscious.

Dream Journey Focus: Heart Blossoming Journey, Body Viscera Awakening

Teaching Method Focus: Discovering the dynamics of Breathflow, Connecting to the Heart & Asking for Guidance, Creating Structures for Sessions, Embracing the Space.

Spiral 1: Open the Breathlow Portal-  Primal Breath & Movement


The breath is a primal physical process that has a unique feature which only few functions in the body share- it can be both automatic, as well as directed; it straddles the boundary between the unconscious, and the conscious. You will learn about the foundations of the Respiratory Gesture, why there are more than 50 ways to breathe and how we can nourish the structures that facilitate breath— all while discovering how to use breath as a bridge to the feminine dreamtime dimension of the body. 


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Spiral 2: The Dance of Breath & Voice- A Hidden Body Landscape

Our breath is the tool​ that produces voice expression, giving us the ability to experience phonation and vibration as a restorative and healing process that reaches into our deeper tissues. During this week, you learn how to use our breathing gesture and vocal expression to release tensions, shift body patterns and soften blockages. The dream journeys take you into an integrated practice where the body practices weave fluidly into our inner dreamtime experience.


Anatomy Focus: Phonation, Vibration & Reaching into the Deeper Tissues, Voice & Phonation as an instrument to release Tensions, Reaching Beyond Physical Blockages to Move Beyond Mental & Emotional Blockages

Dream Journey Focus: Voice Vibration Bliss Journey, Sacred Body Pilgrimage

Teaching Method Focus: Finding Your Voice- vocal modulation, projection and speed, Group Listening, Techniques to connect with & respond to a client's needs.


Spiral 3: Pelvic Voice, Pelvic Breath- Rewilding Your Expression

In this week, we move into the deeper structures of our body and learn to play with the pressure between rib cage and pelvic floor to open up new doorways of sensory perception. As we awaken this pelvis-heart connection, we uncover a voice that rises all the way up from the perineum, moving past the the rib cage and sternum and ultimately into a vocal expression that is free, wild and uninhibited by old patterns. Dreamtime journeys take us into the discovery of our womb voice, both literally and figuratively, as we learn to speak and express from the depths of our pelvic center.

Anatomy Focus: The Pelvic Floor Structures and the Play with Pressure, Gravity and the Respiratory Gesture, Breathing that Begins in the Pelvic Floor, Voice that Rises up from the Perineum.

Womb Journey Focus: Lungs of the Earth Journey,  Womb Voice Reclamation

Teaching Method Focus: Leading from a relaxed space. Learning to keep a rhythm. Moving between structure and free flow. The Pause Method.

Spiral 4: The Fascia Body- Body Memory & Somatic Rebirth

The last spiral takes us into a visceral integration of Integrative Breathflow®. We dive into the fascinating and often forgotten myo-fascial connection between our rib cage, throat and pelvis, discovering advanced practices for profound bliss, heart opening and radiant body health. In this week's inner journeys, you are guided into deep vocal release and new empowering body patterns that are birthed through your breath. We discover why the fascia is seen as a powerful tissue in the body, and how you can use ​Breathflow techniques to rewrite our somatic memory. 

Anatomy Focus:  Changing Myo-Fascial Body Patterns with Breath, Affecting the Myo-Fascial Chains from the Pelvic Floor, Voice as an Instrument to Release Old Patterning

Womb Journey Focus:  Pelvis-Heart Rebirth Journey, Vocal Release Initiation

Teaching Method Focus: Crafting themes & story lines. Writing your own breath body  & dreamtime journeys, Incorporating music. 



Are you ready to dive into the feminine dance of breath, voice and pelvic bliss?

Integrated Transformation:

The 3 Pillars of Integrative Breathflow®

Experiential Anatomy-

Receive research based teachings

Experiential Anatomy-

Receive research based teachings

Somatic Dream Journeys-

Immerse Feminine Mysteries

Somatic Dream Journeys-

Immerse Feminine Mysteries

Teaching Methodology-

Weave Containers of Enchantment

Teaching Methodology-

Weave Containers of Enchantment

This pillar addresses a critical need in the professional healing community: the need for comprehensive, clear and experientially rich anatomy & breath education for women.

Its core strength derives from a repertoire of refined, research-based exercises to deepen accurate knowledge of breath and voice & give a concrete, felt experience of the joy that resides in the female body, moving beyond energy work to the realm of grounded wisdom.


We answer a vital demand for female body knowledge that is often absent even in long-term study programs, allowing graduates to become leaders in a new and growing wave of breath practice

Once we ground into embodied breath and the bliss it brings, we open a portal for inner knowing that moves through the physical into our intuitive, emotional realms. 


Somatic Dream Journeys into the body are a direct way to awaken the deep intuitive self. This practice is also at the heart of the lost feminine mystery teachings that are now returning back into our awareness. 

Throughout the course, you will experience this body-soul alchemy that begins with the body and leads straight into your inner world, inviting you to not only align with your own inner compass but to teach this to others.

The dance between feminine free flow and structure is a key in creating compelling sessions that are truly transformational.

In the teaching methodology modules,

you will learn to create a container that is grounded, safe and evokes genuine trust among your participants.  

Topics like session structure, voice projection, modulation, planning of longer events and session pace will provide you with a pedagogical tool kit that will polish your delivery and create a loving space where connection naturally blossoms. We learn to weave containers for enchantment.

Your lead teacher


Sanya is a Dream Journey Guide, Anatomy Professional and lead facilitator of Feminine Somatic Practice. Building on a rooted repertoire of professional backgrounds, Sanya guides with a grounded, open-hearted quality that invites your natural radiance to shine.


Her courses reflect her comprehensive experience as teacher & student of body-soul practices, including Active Dream Journeying,  Anatomy,  Perineum & Movement®, Breathing Kinetics and Vocal Freedom Practice. She trained as a Transdisciplinary Holistic Education Specialist and holds a Masters (MFA) in Creative Arts, lending a pedagogical expertise and imaginative depth to her offerings.


Sanya specializes in grounding feminine work in a somatic experience through physical step-by-step discovery of the body's potent anatomical structures. She creates heart-centered spaces that balance flow and structure into rooted magic. 

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Sanya's work has been featured in:

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This training enables you to​...


Offer a unique research-based repertoire of anatomy practices & dreamtime journeys


Be at the forefront of a new anatomy-based breath practice that goes beyond breathwork


Access cutting-edge anatomy education based on 40+ years of research


Become a certified teacher of Holistic Somatic Healing with a focus on Integrative Breathflow & Voice 



Share evidence-based work that supports women's health and pelvic wellbeing through breath


Start your professional client practice as an Integrative Breath Specialist for 1-on-1's and groups


Nurture your own creativity, bliss & pleasure while other helping women reclaim their body wisdom


Craft individual and group sessions that carry your signature & make you stand out

What is included in the training?

22 in-depth teaching modules on female bliss & breath anatomy

A 80+page manual with templates for anatomy exploration + step-by-step guidance for crafting sessions

Modules on pedagogy, teaching style and methodology

Custom-recorded dream time journey sessions for replay and study

Weekly extended live group sessions during the course (in person zoom sessions + lives) to allow for integration & exchange

Peer-to-peer training sessions to share your skills with fellow students and gain practical feedback

Daily mentoring through our private group where you can ask questions, share and go deeper

Expert bonus modules on the relationship between breath, pelvis, nervous system and fascia

Guaranteed Access to the online course platform for 6 months

Double-certified and internationally accredited— 

Our modalities are registered as original proprietary methods and our professional training courses are recognized by the world's leading governing bodies for holistic practices:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes the Integrative Pelvic Health® training program different from others?
    What makes this program different is its blend of research-based bodywork, dream journey practices and teaching methodology that is crafted to address the needs of women in a creative, comprehensive way. While many trainings cover aspects of anatomy, they are typically not built from the ground up as an anatomy-based method. Often times, we see anatomy as a topic that "should" be covered, or as a trending buzzword put to the top of a course list, but the default focus often ends being inclined towards energetic language, emotional elements or less precise teachings. IPH recognizes is that it is when we move beyond a surface level understanding of our bodies and really build fully on evidence-based experiential anatomy, we can experience our deepest, most sustainable somatic shifts- including in our "subtle bodies"! While many training courses offer memorable inner experiences, they may not focus on research-based knowledge, or concrete skill set needed to become a successful practitioner. Similarly, other trainings may focus on sublte energetics of the body without offering the kind of in-depth, structured knowledge of anatomy needed to build our work on strong foundations. The IPH training rests on three core pillars that draw on four decades of teaching and education experience within bodywork and inner journeying. The program's foundation has been influenced and built by senior professionals in the fields of Anatomy of Movement®, Fascia Research, Osteopathy, Applied Somatics, Dream Shamanism & Clinical Practice. It is a method not based primarily on the founders' personal experience or charisma, but on solid knowledge that is in-built in the very fabric and structure of the training.
  • Who will be my clients once I complete this course?
    There is an immense need for precise pelvic work and womb healing among women in all life stages and cultures. Pelvic professionals who are trained specifically from the starting point of anatomy and do not base their work in some way on massage, energy healing or yoga are exceedingly rare, and the knowledge provided by a such a program is a valuable asset. By learning a distinct set of exercises that purely follow the anatomical shapes of the body, you will be able to share sessions with women who are reclaiming their bodies, awakening their bliss, rebuilding their pelvic health, creating healthy boundaries or simply connecting with their intuitive feminine guidance. Combined with a knowledge of dream journeying, this program equips you with both grounded body-based practices and intuitive tools to accompany women in varying stages— whether they are expanding their heart guidance, discovering their true voice, reconnecting with the pelvis or simply awakening their intuition.
  • What is the daily time comittment I should expect?
    To fully experience the course in all its depth, it is recommended to set aside 1.5-2 hours per day, with one day per week off.
  • What if I cannot attend some of the live sessions?
    No worries- all live sessions will be recorded and you can access them at any time.
  • What is self-empowered bodywork and what makes it unique?
    Self-empowered bodywork guides us through an inside-out awarness of our body, cultivating tools that last a lifetime without depending on special settings or gurus. Traditional treatments taking place in separate therapy settings or without conscious integration into broader physical structures may become one-off moments for the body, rather than cultivating the radiant long-term health many are seeking. That is why inner sensory discovery and anatomy-based movements are so vital. These practices create a methodical inside-out body awareness, strategically designed to integrate into daily life— making the individual feel that she herself is affecting change from within. This grounds us into a new power to communicate, shift and journey into the layers of our body. Self-empowered bodywork also aligns deeply with the feminine principle which guides to fully know, trust and enjoy our own bodies.
  • What do you mean when you say this course is "research-based"?
    The term "research-based" refers to the fact that all teachings in this course rest on knowledge derived from clinical experience, academic publishing and advanced education. This lends a flow and structure to the course which makes the material concise and easy to integrate. The anatomy modules are based on the natural shapes and vectors of the body that have been studied over the past 40 years in modern anatomy, and constitute a distinct field of study on its own that nourishes whole body health. In the same way, the shamanic dream journey and teaching methodology components rest on best practices in modern shamanic study and professional holistic education.
  • Will my client practice be limited to my region, or can I reach clients living elsewhere?
    Since this modality does not depend on physical adjustments and instead promotes self-empowered bodywork, you can not only work with clients near you but with women across the country and beyond, allowing your practice to grow regardless of location. As the program rests on research in established methods like Anatomy of Movement® which affect profound change through the client's own actions, you have accees to a vast repertoire of practices that do not ask for physical adjustment. This not only creates a deep sense of empowerment for women based on their own body agency, but also allows you to share your expertise with a client base across the world.
  • I have seen courses out there using some similar sounding words. Are you affiliated with them?
    Integrative Pelvic Health® is an original research-based method that is not affiliated with offerings that have emerged since under similar sounding names. All our facilitators that have graduated from our program have gone through methodologically sound training that builds on 40+ years of best practices in anatomy, dreamtime journeying and teaching skills. If you wish to experience an original Integrative Pelvic Health® session, be sure to reach out to us via the contact page so we can direct you to a qualified practitioner in your region.

Breathing that moves beyond breathwork...

Integrative Breathflow® is not a breathwork modality, but rather an innovative method with core foundations in anatomy instead of energetic language. This makes it uniquely designed to support women in reclaiming full-body health and expression through...

  • Learning to work with the anatomical interplay between breath, rib cage, pelvis and throat so we can free women's heart-voice-womb centers physically & emotionally

  • A multi-sensorial teaching approach that participants experience and learn to share with others: using palpation (feel your own body), sight (specialized anatomical images) and sound (skillful ways to speak about breath in all its dimensions)

  • Weaving a rooted, embodied knowledge of anatomy with feminine qualities of slow & aware breathing, full-body bliss practices, pelvic rooting and voice liberation

Testimonials: What students are saying

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Ready to free your breath & womb voice?

Ready to free your breath & womb voice?

Ready to free your breath & womb voice?

Starts October 15

Investment: $1780 USD

Early Bird: $1480 USD

-early bird limited to 6 women-

Deposit to secure spot: $580 USD


In case of questions, please contact

 This training counts as a main module towards the full Holistic Somatic Healing® Certificate. Upon completion, you will receive a graduate diploma for the Integrative Breatflow & Voice Rewilding module.

Your body is calling you into a new life.

Will you heed the call?

Still wondering?

Answering common questions

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