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Welcome Beloved

I am here to guide you into your most embodied, rooted and wildly radiant creator self.

Portal 1: Awakening the Bones- Recovering the Pelvic Power Centre

Our bones give stability and structure to our bodies, and they are vital tissues that are often forgotten- carrying a direct association with our ancestral lifeline and all the gifts that lie buried within us. During this week, you will discover how to feel and nourish the bony structure of the pelvis, all while connecting with your ancestral tree of life with its power to transmute and rebirth. This Gateway also sets the foundation for building your own sessions in a way that is grounded to create a safe, profound container for healing that carries your unique signature.


Anatomy Focus: The bony structure of the pelvis- localisation and experiencing, The Biomechanics of the pelvis, Pelvic Mapping- Multisensorial Discovery, Decompression of the Pelvis- Preparing for a new body experience.

Womb Journey Focus: Running with the Wolves, Meeting Baba Yaga.

Teaching Method Focus: Setting the Space, Connecting to the Heart & Asking for Guidance, Creating initial Structures for your Sessions, Embracing the Space.

Portal 2: Supported From the Root-Healing the Pelvic Sensations

This week takes us into the first sensations of our Pelvic Muscles, deeply connected to our ability to live an embodied and joyful life. ​We will work with some of the most effective exercises to begin awakening pelvic sensitivity and body knowing. The womb journeys will guide you into healing your first memories of yourself as a woman, rewriting your young Maiden experience and embracing your felt sense of beauty beyond the shadow of "not enough" so you can discover a deep awe for your body.

Anatomy Focus: The Superficial Muscles of the Perineum, Contraction and Relaxation, Vertical Migration of the Pelvic Muscles. Posterior and Anterior Triangle.

Womb Journey Focus: Resurrecting the Wild Body, The Maiden Awakening

Teaching Method Focus: Finding Your Voice- vocal modulation, projection and speed, Group Listening, Techniques to connect with & respond to a client's needs.

Part 2: The Handbook- Learn more about Pelvic Awakening

Portal 3: Into the Deeper Layers-Reclaiming the Sensual Self

As we move into the deeper layers of our pelvic muscles, we will learn to fully feel our entire yoni with with its potent downward & upward moving motion. You will experience the importance of balancing profound contraction with deep relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles, and how this supports full body health & pleasure. Womb time journeys will lead us into our sensual nature, along with a travel up into the Cosmic Womb & down to the Earth Womb to accompany the felt energy flows in the body.

Anatomy Focus: Deep Muscles of the Pelvic Floor, the Pelvitrochanteric muscles, Discovering Fast and Slow Muscle Fibres. Decompression of the Perineum.

Womb Journey Focus: Sensual Innocence, Gnostic Tree of Life Journey.

Teaching Method Focus: Leading from a relaxed space. Learning to keep a rhythm. Moving between structure and free flow. The Pause Method.

Portal 4: Living Integrated- The Fully Embodied Creator Woman

The last spiral takes us into a lived and visceral integration of pelvic embodiment. We dive into the fascinating and often forgotten myo-fascial connection between our rib cage and the pelvis, our heart space and our root, discovering advanced practices for profound pleasure, heart opening and radiant body health. In this week's inner womb journeys, you are be guided to meet your feminine wisdom linage, learning how to move between the worlds and live guided by flow and synchronicity. You will also discover advanced teaching methodology to help you share deeply transformational sessions, immersions and retreats that are uniquely yours.

Anatomy Focus: Abductors and the Anterior Perineum, Introduction to Womb Bliss Breathing, The Connection between the Thoracic and Pelvic Diaphragm. Introduction to Fascia and Myo-Fascial Chains in relation to the Pelvis and Pleasure Sensation.

Womb Journey Focus: Meeting your Feminine Wisdom Keepers, Becoming a Traveler between the Worlds,​ Living Daily Life from your Own Inner Compass

Teaching Method Focus: Crafting themes & story lines. Writing your own immersive womb journeys, Incorporating music. Planning longer sessions / retreats.  

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