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"Sanya is a person of the utmost integrity, which is the fundamental trait to look for in a healer. After decades in the natural healing and wellbeing field, I do not know any other healer, artist, business person who is capable to combine with this level of nuance and originality the skills necessary to connect information from the energetic
world to the personal path of her clients. You can always trust she will look at you from the depth of her heart and tell you which stars shine the brightest to lead you on your path. During her sessions and workshops, you become the protagonist of an exciting story that will move you to the core of your being."


"I had the most profound experience whilst attending an Immersion with Sanya. We journeyed with her guidance deeply through ancestral lines, remembering as women our strength is in our blood connection to nature and our hearts. After feeling my womb heart connection, I’ve been able to gain a deeper insight into what I’ve been holding onto. She fully embodies her work, she facilitates in a grounded wise woman way, you just know you're in safe hands. Sanya is the real deal!"


"Sanya's techniques and the gift she has with her voice frequency heals my energy and makes me fly to another dimension to connect with the source of all that is. Our sessions empowered my connection with my divine feminine so deeply. The knowledge she has is ancestral and her guidance is deep and powerful, leading me to stand and stay focused on my own power. You really just flow on the divine energy of the events, experiences, ceremonies and courses Sanya leads."


"I do not leave many reviews, but I have been to several workshops lead by Sanya and must say it’s truly riveting to experience how she blends working with the spiritual while including the physical body in the shamanic journeys.  She creates a profoundly transformational opportunity to connect with yourself from a whole and sacred place."


"I had the gift to experience a private session with Sanya, a powerful woman and soul. She took me through my depths and my ancestral wisdom on a shamanic dream time experience, while she was singing and playing the drum divinely, holding space for me like a goddess. I had vivid feelings and visions talking to me and sending me direct messages in an out-of-time dimension."


"In my many years of spiritual practice I've never found a better atmosphere than in Sanya's sessions. She manages to find the perfect balance between physical and spiritual. Her guidance and presence is grounding, reassuring, calming; her tone is soothing, instructions precise... The positive effect of the sessions is incredibly noticeable. I feel like a different, re-born person each time."


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