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Somatic Healing

Holistic Somatic Healing is the Feminine Healing Modality for a New Earth.

A fully embodied immersion into the body based on 40+ years of anatomy research and ancestral inner guidance practices. Join us for this experience of body-soul alchemy.

Being in your body is the key to creating the life and the world of your dreams.

Holistic Somatic Healing rests on the knowing that our bodies are a key in the human spirutal experience, and that we can access its direct knowing.


Join us for 8 days on the island of Bali, diving into alchemical ritual, practical heart-business labs and female anatomy practices in an enchanted circle of women. This immersion calls you into connection with your womb, the feminine crown where new ideas, beings and realities are born, the 'holy of holies' of the ancient mystery school paths.

The 3 Pillars of Holistic Somatic Healing

Experiential Anatomy & Bodywork

Inner Body

Dream Journeying

Integrative Teaching Methodology

What makes this experience so unique...

Fully Embodied in Female Anatomy


In our pelvic & yoni activations, our breathflow® sessions and our guided water movement, we work with practices that are based on the renowned Anatomy of Movement® method with 40+ years of research on how the human body actually works, and how to awaken and nourish all of its layers.


This makes our activations incredibly effective in enhancing our sensation, pleasure and joy-- we engage with embodied modalities based on accurate insight of the female anatomy.

For you to explore these potent exercises you need zero outside intervention-- they empower you to fully own your sensuality.

The heart of this immersion is awakening your gifts to live your most sensual, radiant life. The experience is artfully curated with Medicine Woman practices that viscerally call you to own your passions as a creative woman-- expanding your toolkit with female shamanic practices, connecting you to the womb mystery schools, and allowing you to discover new trajectories for your own contribution.

Curated to Awaken your Feminine Gifts

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IMG_7212 (3).jpg

8.30am-9.30am: Body practices (womb rose yoga, anatomy breath flow, healing water dance)

9.30am: Nutritious Breakfast (Smoothie Bowls, Pastries + Juices)

10.30am-1pm: Medicine Woman Session

1pm- 4.30pm: Lunch and Integration Time

4.30 - 6pm: Pelvic Anatomy Journey or Ceremony

6pm: Dinner

7.30pm-9pm: Shamanic Womb Journey

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