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Woman as Shaman- The Path of Womb Shamanism

Did you know that the first shamans were women?

Woman is by nature a shaman, and the oldest shaman skeleton ever found was a woman buried with her relics in modern day Czech Republic. ⁣ Our female bodies are intuitively tuned to nature, highly receptive to changes in the elements and portals to new life entering from spirit world into the physical plane.⁣ When we talk about awakening our abilities as shamans, we are not talking about learning or absorbing knowledge with our mind- we are talking about naturally falling into our gifts, grounding ourselves into our bodies and seeing them as a pristine spiritual expression. ⁣ Many spiritual traditions have left out the feminine dimension- they emphasize the ‘transcendence’ of the body, forgetting that the body itself is encoded with the secrets to life through every single cell. ⁣ As we awaken to this calling as women, we step into this new balanced vision of ourselves as true healers and leaders in this world. My vision with the work in female anatomy, womb mystery practices and feminine shamanism is to bring back this knowledge that lives in our bones.⁣


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