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Embodied Awareness: Moving Beyond Breathwork into a Somatic Breathing Practice

I'm sure that like me, you have heard about the importance of breath for our physical and emotional health.However, as I dove deeper into feminine somatics and anatomy, I made a surprising realization:

Many common breath modalities are fast-moving, masculine and based in energetic language, rather than embodiment and anatomy.

I asked myself- what was the point of trying to get ourselves high through our breath-work, when so many of us hadn't yet learned to be down here in our bodies?

What's more, I realized that what was promoted as trauma release during some breath sessions may very well be a form of trauma re-triggering.

From a somatics and anatomy perspective, a repeated intense breath may easily put us into an energized fight-or-flight memory, rather than a deep rest and repair state... which may only set in once we slow down and return to natural breathing.

I asked myself: We are we rarely taught about more feminine breath practices, those that balance out more masculine modalities by honoring the slow, sensual and embodied dimension?

That immediately relieve, rather than over-stimulate our nervous system? That are not about pushing ourselves to "release trauma", but simply about nurturing vital body structures so healing unfolds effortlessly?

That put is into a state of flow instead of "work" by gently mobilizing the rib cage, heart area and all our marvelous breathing structures? (And yes, this includes deeper anatomical work with the pelvic floor!)

Today I want to share such a practice with you— so you can nourish your full-body bliss from the pelvis up and awaken what I call your root voice (yes, the voice really can rise from the womb!):

I genuinely hope you enjoy this juicy exercise! The key lies in the gentle and conscious mobilization of our anatomical structures and breathing apparatus (which pelvic floor is also part of!), unlocking the somatic felt bliss that lives in the body.

And if you had any aha moments or insights while reading this, I would love to hear your thoughts on the topic ❤️

Much love and sending you my warmest wishes,




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