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Using Pelvic Anatomy to Activate Your Yoni Bliss & Pleasure

One of the most amazing experiences I have had as a facilitator was seeing women's reactions to pelvic exercises- many of them had no idea that they could engage & feel muscles of their yoni with so much precision and intensity.⁣ This is the beauty of working with anatomy- we begin to awaken structures that have been dormant for so long, and there is nothing more grounding as a woman than to feel pleasure through your root in your every day life. One of my favorite exercises is the pelvic blossoming ritual. I developed it based on my background in the Anatomy of Movement® method. You can practice this at home, here's how:⁣ • Sitting cross-legged or lying down, begin to imagine your vaginal canal. If it helps, you can place a finger just at the opening and then feel the rest of the canal extending up into your pelvis.⁣ • Then begin to see the canal as divided into 3 parts: a lower, middle, and upper part.⁣ • Continue breathing normally without holding the breath and see if you can send the instruction to your body to tighten the lower part of the canal only. The first times, it is likely that you are engaging many other muscles in the pelvis since isolating the muscle movements takes time, but just sending the instruction begins the process of sensitization. Do this 6 times.⁣ • Then do the same for the middle part, and the upper part of the canal.⁣ • Once you've done all three parts, continue breathing normally and imagine tightening them one after the other, first, second and third part, keeping it for a few seconds and then release.⁣ • As you do this, imagine energy being pulled all the way from your clitoris, to your g-spot and your cervix, and feel into it.⁣ • As you relax all three parts, see the energy moving down the yoni canal and blossoming at the bottom of the pelvis, imagining a radiant flower opening its petals.⁣ I found this exercise extremely powerful in awakening feelings in the yoni & learning that both the action of tightening and relaxation can create a blissful sensation.⁣ Try this for yourself & let me know how it goes, would love to hear your feedback


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