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The Womb That Embraces All

What does it mean to stay rooted in our womb power as women?⁣ As I continue on my path as a facilitator building my own blend of contributions, I have found that the best definition of womb power is to connect with this knowing that there is a great womb that embraces everything and leaves nothing behind. ⁣ That rebirths every fear, every inner monster, every action based in lack consciousness, every sensation of not-enoughness, of envy, and every single doubt into radiant light.⁣ Through the past decade studying with different schools and lineages, this practice is what has drawn me to embark on a whole year of Womb Awakening training to make this work my daily life.⁣ In the day-to-day moments, ask yourself: How can I truly stay rooted in this feeling of love, mercy, abundance, fearlessness and embrace? ⁣ How can I live this knowing in my every day actions-- the knowing that everything that is out of balance, is seeking to be in balance, and that it is our work as spiritual seekers and facilitators to connect to this Great Womb that leaves nothing behind, that re-births everything back into love? ⁣ ⁣ ⁣


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