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Awakening Medicine Woman

The Official Holistic Somatic Healing® In-Person Training Retreat 

Awakening Medicine Woman

8 days in Greece, Kefalonia Island, May 13-20 2023

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The original Internationally accredited training retreat presented by the
School of Embodied Healing Arts 

this retreat is for you if you wish to...


- Feel aligned, radiant and renewed
- Deepen your sensuality & heal your sexual energy
- Gain body-based tools for your personal & professional path
- Build trusting, lasting connections with other women
- Heal the feminine-masculine relations in your life
- Learn practical techniques to manifest from your pelvic root
- Awaken the physical link between your pelvis & voice
- Root into who you are and what you are here to give
- Learn Holistic Somatic Healing® practices only taught
in our retreat

- Journey with ancestral guidance & feminine archetypes 
- Receive practical tools to share your gifts
- Get cutting-edge training in a unique body modality
- Learn to guide Women's Deep Body Gravity Release®
- Discover a feminine dream manifestation practice 
- Reset on a pristine
 island beaming with feminine mystery
- Reclaim your womb voice and power!
- Empower yourself with anatomy-based knowledge
- Move beyond ethereal energy-based work & embody the feminine through somatic practice rooted in anatomy


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Rewild yourself on a mystical island 
and heal the inner 
feminine& masculine

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Experience feminine somatic practices that combine the shamanic with the research-based. Step back into your embodied power.

Within your body lies a well of guidance that can transform every aspect of life into a blossoming adventure.

The New Somatic Feminine is about no longer externalizing your power, or about trying to move away from the body.

This is why this retreat guides you to access the deep feminine dimension that breathes & lives through your body. 

Together we learn to unlock a living library of guidance & creative power by learning to nourish the vital structures of your somatic self. 

The New Somatic Feminine is Rising

  • Breakfast, lunch & dinner made from the eco-resorts own home grown organic food

  • Delicious vegan-vegetarian​ meals 

  • Accommodation in beautiful double rooms
    (limited single room options available upon request)

  • Activities such as visits to the mystical Melissani Cave, said to be the home of the ancient nymphs

  • Training Sessions and a 20-hour certification for the Holistic Somatic Healing® in-person module

  • Ceremonies & guided shamanic journeys at powerful nature sites 

  • A premium raw chocolate welcome package 

Your retreat experience includes:

Reclaim your Intuitive Wisdom