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Medicine Woman Retreat

Training Retreat in Somatic Gravity Release® 

8 days in Sardinia, Italy, May 2024

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Internationally accredited training retreat presented by the
School of Embodied Healing Arts.

Counts as an advanced level 2 module in Holistic Somatic Healing

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this retreat is for you if you wish to...


- Feel aligned, radiant and renewed
- Deepen your sensuality & heal your sexual energy
- Gain body-based tools for your personal & professional path
- Build trusting, lasting connections with other women
- Heal the feminine-masculine relations in your life
- Learn practical techniques to manifest from your pelvic root
- Awaken the physical link between your pelvis & voice
- Root into who you are and what you are here to give
- Learn Holistic Somatic Healing® practices only taught
in our retreat

- Journey with ancestral guidance & feminine archetypes 
- Receive practical tools to share your gifts
- Get cutting-edge training in a unique body modality
- Learn to guide Women's Deep Body Gravity Release®
- Discover a feminine dream manifestation practice 
- Reset on a pristine
 island beaming with feminine mystery
- Reclaim your womb voice and power!
- Empower yourself with anatomy-based knowledge
- Move beyond ethereal energy-based work & embody the feminine through somatic practice rooted in anatomy


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Rewild yourself on a mystical island 
and heal the inner 
feminine& masculine

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Experience feminine somatic practices that combine the shamanic with the research-based. Step back into your embodied power.

Within your body lies a well of guidance that can transform every aspect of life into a blossoming adventure.

The New Somatic Feminine is about no longer externalizing your power, or about trying to move away from the body.

This is why this retreat guides you to access the deep feminine dimension that breathes & lives through your body. 

Together we learn to unlock a living library of guidance & creative power by learning to nourish the vital structures of your somatic self. 

The New Somatic Feminine is Rising

  • Breakfast, lunch & dinner made from the resort's own home grown organic food

  • Delicious vegan-vegetarian​ meals 

  • Accommodation in beautiful double rooms
    (limited single room options available upon request)

  • Activities such as visits to the mystical Melissani Cave, said to be the home of the ancient nymphs

  • Training Sessions and a 20-hour certification for the Holistic Somatic Healing® in-person module

  • Ceremonies & guided shamanic journeys at powerful nature sites 

  • A premium raw chocolate welcome package 

Your retreat experience includes:

Reclaim your Intuitive Wisdom

An example of a day
in the training retreat:


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Session in Deep-Body Gravity Release®

Delicious Vegetarian-Vegan Breakfast

Somatic Journey OR Pelvic Health & Anatomy Session

Integration time and shared organic lunch

Women's Breathflow OR Voice Rewilding & Pelvic Bliss

Buffet dinner & sharing at the retreat center

Nurturing connection: Night visit to a natural cave,
shamanic dream ritual outdoors



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During our workshops you will experience....

  • Female pelvic health & its relation to your voice

  • Level 1 Training in Deep Body Gravity Release®

  • Practices to rewrite negative body images

  • Visits to mythical feminine caves & sites

  • Women's embodiment and womb healing arts 

  • Feminine archetype journeys in dreamtime

  • Sensual Somatics & the anatomy of yoni egg practice

  • Using your pelvic energy to birth new ideas

  • Shamanic dream journeys and ancestral healing

  • Sessions on fascia & its relation to feminine mythology

  • Step-by-step guidance to hear your intuition

  • Support from experienced somatic practitioners

  • Womb breath practices only taught at in-person retreats

  • Voice ReWilding journeys rooted in anatomy  

  • Deep connection & sharing in a circle of women

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Are you called to...

... follow the mystery within your body &
heart and let it lead you to a new life

... be held in a deep loving container fully dedicated to you uncovering and living your unique gifts

... experience shared ceremonies and a safe environment with other women to heal & connect

... discover cutting-edge feminine body & dream practices to expand your contribution

... awaken your pelvis, wild voice and feminine breath

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Professionally guided,
independently accredited


root yourself in female anatomy and embody the rise of the somatic feminine


immerse in signature sessions guided by lead teacher trainers


heal the feminine and masculine in a safe and loving environment


train in-person in the globally accredited Holistic Somatic Healing® method

Nature, Ceremony & Somatic Practice

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What you will take with you from this retreat



A generous, heartfelt space to be you & find your radiance
Unique shamanic journeys in untouched nature sites
Visits to the mythical & deeply magnetic Melissani water cave, said to be the home of the ancient nymphs
Freedom in your body, expression and voice
Anatomy-based embodied connection to your pelvic bliss 
Quality connections, joy & sharing with other women 
An unforgettable experience in one of the most magical and pristine islands of the Mediterranean




A professional manual with protocols on how to guide & craft dreamtime journeys + signature anatomy images for your use

Step-by-step exercises to open the pelvis-voice-breath pathways
Foundational training certificate & research-based exercises in Women's Deep Body Gravity Release®, including:

  • 1-on-1 practice with fascia, female somatics and joint release to activate the parasympathetic nervous system

  • Trauma-sensitivty and no-touch protocols ​

  • How to structure basic sessions & start sharing them


Holistic Somatic Healing trainings are independently certified:

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What Women Experience...

"I had the most profound experience whilst attending an Immersion with Sanya. We journeyed with her guidance deeply through ancestral lines, remembering as women our strength is in our blood connection to nature and our hearts. After feeling my womb heart connection, I’ve been able to gain a deeper insight into what I’ve been holding onto.She fully embodies her work, she facilitates in a grounded wise woman way, you just know you're in safe hands. Sanya is the real deal!" 

Rebecca, Australia

Your lead teacher

Sanya Hur Em

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Sanya is a Dream Journey Guide, Anatomy Professional and lead facilitator of Feminine Somatic Practice. Building on a rooted repertoire of professional backgrounds, Sanya guides with a grounded, open-hearted quality that invites your natural radiance to shine.


Her courses reflect her comprehensive experience as teacher & student of body-soul practices, including Active Dream Journeying,  Anatomy,  Perineum & Movement®, Breathing Kinetics and Vocal Freedom Practice.  She trained as a Transdisciplinary Holistic Education Specialist and holds a Masters (MFA) in Creative Arts, lending a pedagogical expertise and imaginative depth to her offerings.


Sanya specializes in grounding feminine work in a somatic experience through physical step-by-step discovery of the body's potent anatomical structures. In her retreats, she creates heart-centered spaces that balance flow & structure so we can blossom with ease. 

Special guest teacher

for Fascia Work, Somatic Relating and  Modern Shamanic Practice

Dr. Andrea Traldi

Dr. Andrea Traldi is a leading researcher on the connection between sensorial awareness, anatomy and cognitive sciences. He is the creator of the Somatic Dreamtime® method, an approach to wellbeing and creativity that is embodied and intuitive as much as it is rooted in clinical research. His work on bridging the inner shamanic world with our physical self has been recognised with a Ph.D. award by a major UK University and has been published in international conferences and magazines. 


During our retreat, Andrea will teach select sessions about the interconnection between fascia, breath and the parasympathetic nervous system for Deep Body Gravity Release®. Bringing in his knowledge of modern shamanism, he will co-facilitate somatic dream sessions designed for feminine and masculine balancing.


Andrea is a psychologist, kinesiologist and somatic researcher who will support our feminine container with special sessions on select days of the retreat, creating a balanced environment for the New Somatic Feminine to rise integrated with the masculine.

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Your Investment Includes


7 nights accommodation 
(possible to upgrade to single room)

8 days of delicious vegetarian meals for breakfast, lunch & dinner

Discounts on other professional trainings with the school


Visits to unique sacred caves & divine feminine nature sites


A manual and step-by-step protocols to guide pelvic dream journeys 


After-retreat gathering to share, integrate and reconnect


Full 20 hour level 1 training in Women's Deep Body Gravity Release®


30+ hours of professional training to enable you to share feminine practices


In-person training covers: 

Our retreat includes an internationally accredited Level 1 training in Women's Body Gravity Release®. This original somatic modality is designed to release subconscious patterns in the deep body through applied fascia knowledge, joint release & nervous system relaxation. You will receive training and custom-made props that allow you to work with the body's innate ability to release myo-fascial patterns, basing your practice on a respectful, anatomically accurate and trauma-informed method.

Women's Deep Body Gravity Release®

During level 1 training training, you will learn about: 

  • Hidden body structures as a pathway to your subconscious

  • The interplay between myo-fascial chains, gravity & joints for body memory release

  • Original practices with custom-made props to work in anatomically-informed way

  • The importance fascia in the rise of embodied and trauma-sensitive feminine work

  • How support women who are pre-natal and postpartum 

  • Material to present your work in Deep Body Gravity Release 

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An inward journey is calling your name...

Are you ready to embark on the adventure?

March / April 2023

8 day training retreat

Investment: $280 USD

Early Bird: $2280 USD

-early bird limited to 6 women-

Deposit to secure spot: $580 USD

In case of questions, please contact

 This training counts towards the full Holistic Somatic Healing® Certificate. Upon completion, you will receive an internationally accredited graduate diploma for the in-person module.

A new life awaits. Will you heed the call?

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