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The Wild Inside You

✨🌙 THE WILD INSIDE YOU 🌙✨⁣ The wild inside you ⁣ calls you from the dark whispers secrets in your heart's deepest chamber⁣ The wild inside you ⁣ knows what to trust⁣ and when to stop⁣ The wild inside you ⁣ speaks through the body⁣ telling you what is good,⁣ what is radiant,⁣ what is old⁣ The wild inside you⁣ knows the forest's secrets⁣ speaks the language of the crones⁣ and fills you with the joy of maidens⁣ The wild inside you⁣ is always with you⁣ in your darkest of days ⁣ it speaks⁣ - here, here my child, this is the way⁣

text by Sanya, Embodied Healing Arts

image by @cosmiccollage


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